Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mom and Dad are going on a mission

I am still struggling to process this, but my parents are going on a mission.  They leave on February 1st to serve in Salt Lake at the Family History Center.  I know that it will be good for them, but I can't stand the thought of them not being just down the road.  They opened their call yesterday at their home with all of us there.  It was an emotional afternoon.

Traveling home

Our vacation was over, so sad!  It was worth every penny spent and every bit of stressing, the memories that we made will live on forever!  We packed all our stuff up Saturday night besides the stuff we need to get ready in the morning.  We got up early got dressed had some breakfast and hit the road.  it took almost 15 hours, we only stopped minimally and the kids were excellent.  We only had to get after them a time or two for arguing or giggling too much.  Reid drove most of the way.  We did great and got home a little before 10 pm.  We were all exhausted and not ready to go back to school and work!

Beach Day

On Saturday we went to Huntington Beach, it was awesome! It was about 70 degrees, but the water was kind of cold, for us Idaho people it felt like Rigby Lake so no biggie, but there were hardly any people at the beach.  We loved playing in the waves and the sand and collecting sea shells.  The kids were mad when we said it was time to leave.  I think it was Mitchel's favorite day.  After the beach we went to a yummy restaurant called BJ's, and then took Danny back home so that he could get ready for his next business trip.  We had such a great day and were sad to see Danny leave.

Universal Studios

On Friday we went to Universal Studios, it was also a ton of fun!  My favorite is the Studio tour, its just so fun to see where the movies are made and the sound stages and the sets for different TV shows.  I also really enjoy all the 3D and 4D rides.  The mummy ride was pretty awesome as well as the Transformers ride.  We were all getting pretty tired by this point in our vacation so it was a nice day to sit a little more with some of the shows plus there were very little rides which was so nice.  That night we went to dinner at "Bubba Gump Shrimp"  it was awesome!

These people were in the street windows just chatting with us, it was hilarious.

This is just a set of the streets of New York, pretty real looking